Is it weird that I forget that I am blind sometimes? Not seeing faces is sometimes normal to me and I feel I do a pretty good job of carrying about my day with this underwater vision. It’s normal for me to have my computer screen zoomed in at 28x and have these letters displayed across my monitor so someone 3 miles away can read it…haha. I have learned to track distances and streets in the car, so I usually know where I we are during the ride. I never walk towards the driver seat and now its normal for me to jump in a cab to work! It’s normal for me to not be able to read labels at the grocery store and not as overwhelming as it used to be.

So I thought I had a good handle on this…and then I started mobility training. You want me to use that cane in public? Are you for real? I probably looked like I was in shock or about to cry at the same time. I was measured for the cane and it was a little taller than it should be because my instructor said that knowing me, I will probably be wearing heels or trying to run with this thing…. dang, she knows me already!

I learned how to hold the cane properly and walked down the street I have been wanting to cross for a year now. I walked across a really busy street by myself…with a cane. Yeah…take a deep breath. I never thought I would be doing this.

But a friend told me that a cane leads to independence and that is what we all strive for, right? To do everything we could have done…before we lost our vision.

So I walked into Whole Foods, WITH MY CANE and asked if I could get someone to help me shop; she said ‘of course’ as if it was no big deal – because it wasn’t. But it was for me.  We walked out of the store, cane in hand – sweeping away – and I crossed the street again, by myself. Of course my mom was taking pictures like the paparazzi so I will make sure to post those soon.

But, I DID IT. Day one = DONE! And I know after a month of mobility I will be walking everywhere and feeling confident to cross the busiest of streets!!  And well, as for the cane… maybe I should get some new red patent wedges to match?? Just an idea…



At age 27, I went blind from a rare genetic eye disease - Leber's Hereditary Optic Neuropathy. I am here to share my stories of how it is to get hit with a disability and how nothing should ever stop you from what you want to do.
  • Audrey Davis

    Yes I like the idea of the red patent wedges. Will pick up the red in the cane so nicely. You go girl!!! Chaz had some training this past week and they must’ve walked 8 miles around our town!

    June 28th, 2014 11:17
  • Tammy

    I am sure you will be making designer canes. You are an amazing can do anything.Would love for you to do a dinner in the dark in from Minnesota.

    July 10th, 2014 4:54

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