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RACE REPORT: New York City Marathon

  It was a gorgeous day in New York City! We landed at 6 AM after a red eye flight...crazy, we know. After our adventure in a Super Shuttle (which meant our 45 minute ride turned into 2.5 hours) we finally arrived in Manhattan!!  The streets were full of people speaking every language and everyone was buzzing around around in their running shoes - this was MARATHON weekend. After making our way...

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You know when you are on a springboard, you are bouncing up and down a little bit to gain momentum, and finally you make one last push with all your weight in a downward motion only to be launched into the air?  You know what I am talking about right?  Yeah, that pretty much sums up my life right now. .. Right now I am bouncing up and down on this...

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thirty! (a birthday post!)

Milestone birthdays are a time to celebrate, reflect, and set new goals.   Looking back, there is no way I could have predicted where I would be today, but I couldn’t be more proud.  Losing vision over three years ago really made me see life a little differntly- which I am so thankful for.   I set a goal to raise money for LHON and started Dinner the Dark which I...

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